How Do Cheeseburger’s Taste In The Netherlands

The year was 2002. And Me was jones’n for an American Style Cheeseburger. The only problem was I was in the Netherlands. So I thought to myself, how hard is it to royally screw up a simple cheeseburger. Now, the rumor on the street was that the Dutch made a miserable burger. But In life you haven’t really lived until you learn these lessons the hard way.

Anyhoo, so off I went into the centrum to find me a Cheeseburger. Low and behold I founds such a place they was selling what me heart disered.

So I walk inside this BBQ joint and orders me a couple of cheeseburgers. The cook throws down some meat patties, and I think to myself. Ok, this might be legit. Then, he does something that made me feel like John “Bluto” Blutarsky in the classic flix Animal House when he freaks out when the movers slips and breaks a case of whiskey.

So, after a few seconds of grilling them delicious looking beef patties, the cook does the unthinkable…He tosses them patties in the deep fryer and I nearly lose my mind.

Now, at this point I’m like….Ok let’s give em a chance. It might turn out that this way of cook’n a burger, might be extra yummy.

So then the moment of truth comes…I take a bite of me first Dutch burger and guess what?

It tasted like a peace of over seasoned meatloaf.

Anyhoo, So it was an epic fail on the burger, but it turns out this place made some seriously amazing ribs, that I enjoyed a few times during my stay in Holland.

Unfournuatly, I believe this rib paridice is out of business, after many searchs on Google, Yelp, and trip advisor…my search for this place is no where to be found.

Anyhoo, If your traveling to the Netherlands, and you want a tasty American style burger to get your munchies on…Be prepared for some serious culture shock.