How to Cook New York Style Pizza Like a Pro

If you want to learn the secrets of cooking pizza like the pro’s in the New York Pizzerias. Pizza School just might be the solution you are looking for.

Disclaimer: I have never been to this school, so I can’t voucht for anything you might learn there. But they do have some impressive testimonials. And if you are in the New York area, For as little as $195 or $295 for two, you can see what all the hype is about.

Now, I plan on checking these guy’s out one day to see if they are the real deal. Then I will post a in depth review and will be able to either endorce them or tell you to run a county mile away from this place.

Until then, if your interested, might as well check the below video’s out, so you can make an informed decision on weather or not you want to invest a few hundred buckerooozs to sell if these guys will deliver the goods.

In this video, The pizza school of New York gives you a breakdown of everything the claim to teach you in there course. At under $200 bucks, it’s a steal to learn the secret art of New York pizza making.

In this video Mark Bello cooks up an authentic New York Pizza Pie, but as a true salesman, he leaves out the hard hitting secrets of how to make the dough. Which is why you need to buy your ticket to his course to figure out how to actually make the irresistible pizza. Hey, Can’t knock him for this. He is providing a ton of value from what this place is asking for, In due time I will make it there. Once I do you can bet your bottom dollar, I’ll be giving you my no hold bared review. If you can’t wait, I would take them up on there offer. Get more from Pizza School on there Facebook fan page here