How to Make Authentic Neapolitan Style Pizza Sauce

Me loves pizza, almost as much as me extra sexy hottie girlfriend. Now, the make mouth watering pizza a killer sauce is a must. Sometimes in life less is best. And that is the case with a truly authentic Neapolitan pizza. I’ve done a ton of research online and the common denominator of the top pizzerias in Italy use only two ingredients. Fresh tomatoes and a little pinch of sea salt.


1. San Marzano Style Peeled Whole

2. Sea Salt (One big scoop)

3. Organic Basil


1. Open each can of Tomatoes with your blender

2. Put a big scoop of sea salt into each can

3. Put a handful of organic basil into the can of sauce

4. Slowly use your blender to combine the tomatos with the sea salt

5. Poor the sauce into your container