Scott’s Pizza Tours

Life is toooo short to cheat yourself out of world class pizza. 

Your food bucket list should include many amazing pies before you meet the Man in the sky. Chicago Style, Napoli, and of course the often hyped New York Style. Recently, I caught wind of a super cool pizza dude that does pizza tours in the New York Area. Scott Wiener is the pizza visionary behind Scott’s Pizza Tours.

For a measly $45 American Dollars you can get a world class tour of some of the most legendary New York pizzerias has to offer. But that’s not all 🙂 Some of the perks of Scott’s Pizza tours is you get the chance to meet the owners and chefs and they teach you some seriously amazing pizza skills that has made this select pizzerias famous.

There are several different types of tours you can book, most of them include tasting 3 different types of pizza. If you  want the VIP treatment of a private tour, they are available, however, they book up extra fast. Visit there site to get the latest available tour dates.